Ben Watt - "Irene"

Ben Watt Shares “Irene” Featuring Alan Sparhawk From ‘Low’

Ben Watt, founder of Everything But The Girl, has released “Irene”, a collaboration with Alan Sparhawk from the acclaimed band, Low. The track is from Ben Watt’s forthcoming ‘STORM DAMAGE’ album that is due out on January 31, 2020. This will be Ben Watt’s 4th solo album. 

“Irene” is an honest and endearing look into the ever-changing landscape of scenes and social circles that tend to fade away as time goes on. The song has a gentle electronic rhythmic pulse that carries simple layers of electric piano and acoustic guitar. The sonic blend of these elements is absolutely perfect as Ben Watt’s understated vocals take us back in time.

Ben Watt on “Irene” and working with Alan Sparhawk:

“It is about the power of nostalgia and the artist-audience relationship, which seems to obsess us all at the moment. It is also about the simple brutality of social change – how cities move on, scenes die, and how people get caught up in that. I asked Alan to play on the song after we did a show together in Minneapolis in 2016. We have been friends for fifteen years since I remixed a Low song in 2004. I thought his restless, scratchily emotional guitar style would be perfect.”

Alan Sparhawk on working with Ben Watt:

“For years Ben has been a glaring example of brave and versatile songwriting. Our conversations are always about songs and love for music, so it was a great pleasure and adventure to sing and play on his new record. I had to really step up my game to even hang in the room with him, but I’m honored to have been there.”

In 1983, after the release of his debut solo album, North Marine Drive, Watt put his solo career on hold to start Everything But The Girl with Tracey Thorn. Together they would go on to create several platinum and gold albums. Their mega-hit “Missing” reached No. 2 on the US Billboard Top 100 and their albums ‘Amplified Heart’ and ‘Walking Wounded’ have sold millions of copies.

Look for the release of Storm Damage on January 31st on Unmade Road through Caroline International.

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*Photo by Antonio Olmos

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