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UK alternative singer and guitarist Holly Henderson released her debut full-length “Monday Green” on Trend and Chaos. The ten songs on the album showcase Holly’s diverse range – from lush, beautiful ballads to melt your face off alterna-pop anthems – all featuring intricate guitar work by Henderson. Lead single “Loneliness” borrows heavily from Holly’s Britpop influences, while “We Sold The Earth” explores more experimental, prog-rock leaning sounds. The album comes to a close with “Frantic”, a track that lives in a category all to itself as it slowly builds into a combination of rich vocal melodies and striking guitars. Lyrically, Henderson releases her emotions and vulnerabilities through both self-realization and their correlation to the world around her.

“With Holly Henderson’s debut album Monday Green, she has truly showcased the many different facets of her artistry and the end result is nothing short of breathtaking.” – National Rock Review

“Not many people are making this kind of song today — and that makes it really stand out.” – Refinery29

“The album showcases the lush soundscape Henderson has been crafting and
clearly marks her as an artist to check out in 2019.” – The Young Folks


The first single from the album, “Loneliness”, is a quintessential Britpop song, mixing warm guitars with shimmering highlights while Henderson’s instantly alluring vocal melodies float over the driving beat. The video, directed by George Mays (Skrillex, Red Bull Media), demonstrates the boredom and anxious feelings that stem from being alone in the digital age.

On the track “Loneliness”, Holly Henderson stated:

“‘Loneliness’ is about being all dressed up with nowhere to go, of being a hopeless romantic in the modern age. We fabricate our best selves online, yet we stay in the confines of our bedrooms and become trapped in a superficial circle of proving ourselves to everyone, and getting nothing tactile and genuine back in return. It mocks the ridiculousness of us being more connected than ever, and at the same time, totally alone.”

Pride Can Wait

“Pride Can Wait is the second single from her upcoming album Monday Green. Sonically, the track transports the listener into a rich soundscape, resonating with space driven tones and Henderson’s silvery vocals. When writing “Pride Can Wait”, Henderson drew inspiration from David Bowie’s Blackstar, an album she found solace and hope in during a difficult time.

On the track “Pride Can Wait”, Holly Henderson stated:

“I wrote this after a time where my Mum was gravely ill, and Bowie’s Blackstar had inspired me to see the idea of the end as a chance for transcendence rather than something to fear. A small space of time where suddenly everything is possible and nothing is conventional.

In that vein, for the bridge, Pete Thorn and I created a sparse soundscape as the song changes. The spacey sounds and the dissonant notes were inspired by the moment in David Bowie’s Blackstar where the tone of the song changes and transports you to a completely different place.”

Born and raised in Maidstone, Kent, UK, Holly Henderson grew up as the weird kid that would draw on your walls and freak out other children by casting spells on them. Hailing from a town where the norm was to get a job and start a family, Holly started to see another path after immersing herself in the records of acts like Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Pulp, and David Bowie. In light of heading to university, she joined a punk band and spent the next two years playing hundreds of gigs around the UK, while also beginning to craft her own material. As an unknown artist in Kent, Holly spent the next few years pushing her creative boundaries by writing and releasing music non-stop, until suddenly, she found a new fan from across the pond. In 2017, through a mutual appreciation of their work, Holly Henderson met well-known guitarist Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Courtney Love), and soon headed to Los Angeles to begin working with him on what would become her first full-length album, “Monday Green”. After kicking off the year performing on the BOSS stage at NAMM in Los Angeles and with a new album on the way, Holly Henderson is set to make her mark in 2019.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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