Jonathan Roy - "Keeping Me Alive"

Jonathan Roy Steps Out Of His Comfort Zone on “Keeping Me Alive”

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Artists often use the term, “finding myself” when describing the internal struggles they face as they try to develop a unique voice and a sense of inner peace. For some, that voice may come instantaneously, and for others, it may be more elusive and take a lifetime if it ever comes at all. Canadian singer Jonathan Roy has an intriguing story that amplifies this notion. Son of NHL great Patrick Roy, Jonathan left the comforts of his life in Quebec and moved to California to seek solace and inspiration from new surroundings.

“It took me leaving my comfort zone, buying (and living) in a van to find myself again. My songs reflect that – and reflect that recharge that I needed. Not only in my artistic life, but in my personal life as well.” – Jonathan Roy

“Keeping Me Alive”, the first single released since his first album, “Mr. Optimist Blues”, is a powerhouse track that features Roy’s soulful rasp paired with gospel-style chorus and a heavy backbeat. There is a new live version that we prefer over the more fully produced single. The live version strips away the electronics and leaves space for Jonathan Roy’s passionate pleas to the muse that he seems to have been searching for his whole life and ultimately found.

“I would say that this entire experience has cemented my faith in music. The healing power of it, and the need for me to do this my entire life. There is nothing else I want, or would be able to do now.” 

“Keeping Me Alive” was co-written by collaborators, Brian Howes (Mother Mother / Boys Like Girls) and Jay Van Poederooyen (Faber Drive / Airbourne) and we are looking forward to whatever is next from this team.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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