Lauren Sanderson - "Upset"

Lauren Sanderson Continues To Inspire On New Single, “Upset”

At the age of 18, Lauren Sanderson was already inspiring her generation when she gave a TED Talk (For God’s Sake, Just Love Them) speaking about parents supporting adolescents in finding, accepting and embracing their true selves. That is quite an unbelievable achievement from someone so young, but it turns out that it was just the beginning. 

At the age of 23, Lauren Sanderson is still speaking to her generation by taking her unique ability to deliver powerful, transformative messages and putting them to music. 

Lauren Sanderson has returned with “Upset”, the second single from her forthcoming album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big. “Upset” is a lush, melodic and soulful track that speaks about the chaos that surrounds us and trying to not get caught up in the daily news cycle that can be oppressive at times.

On “Upset” Lauren Sanderson says:

“Right now the world is chaotic, confusing, and sometimes I feel so alone. As easy as it would be to throw my hands in the air and stay upset about it, I’d rather be the best human I can be and inspire the world to keep the light on.” 

As with many young artists, finding the path to success can be trying. But Lauren Sanderson has come a long way, battling through recent struggles with her label while seeking more freedom of expression. It is her rebellious, DIY spirit and relenting passion that has propelled her and it is all starting to pay off. 

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*Photo by Grace Bristo

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