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Rum Buffalo Dive Deep Into The “Dark Mountain”

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Bands that take extreme risks in their music by employing a large group of musicians, in-depth arrangements, and live studio recordings, were once commonplace. Lately, (especially under the current circumstances) they are becoming a rare beast. Meet the London based Rum Buffalo, an 8 piece band lead by singer Jake Stevens, that takes on huge, sprawling rock landscapes that are as extravagant in their productions as they are unexpected in their storytelling.

The latest single by Rum Buffalo, “Dark Mountain”, takes us on a science fiction inspired saga of a “group of miners on a mountain working beneath the command of a malevolent duke”. Definitely not your average break-up song here.

On “Dark Mountain”, Stevens said:

“I’ve been brought up with science fiction—it’s a big part of me. When you’re engrossed in sci-fi, it’s this endless realm around you and anything’s possible. That’s quite literally the same with writing music for this band.

It’s a whole sonic world, this realm we’re engrossed in. I feel like that when we play it live, [and felt like that] when we created it. I think it’s a comfortable and natural thing to do, to make a Rum Buffalo song about something otherworldly because that’s what the music inspires.”

Rum Buffalo is joined by a 13-person choir on this lavish arrangement. Heavy riffs, a powerful horn section, distorted vocals, and the unusual storyline are all part of what makes us extremely curious about what the rest of the album will sound like. Stay tuned!

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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