TTRRUUCES - Evil Elephant

TTRRUUCES Unveil the Evil Elephant

With all that has been going on we have been a little late catching up on the ever-evolving world of the TTRRUUCES. We have been following their unique brand of storytelling and character development from the start and it appears a lot more is about to unfold. With the release of the new single, “Evil Elephant”, TTRRUUCES are just about ready to unveil their full-length album on June 26th.

At first, there was a shroud of mystery about who was behind the curtain of this mysterious project. Now it is revealed that the Anglo-French duo of Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire are the creative masterminds. Together they have crafted an infectious style of psychedelia that is ambitious, audacious, and addictive.

“We wanted to create a new platform for our creativity,” affirms Jules. “Something that’s super-exciting, super-free and diverse, with no limits on what the music could be.”

“We wanted to make an album that wasn’t just a collection of songs, but something more conceptual,” adds Natalie. “We wanted to challenge ourselves as writers.”

They describe ‘Evil Elephant’, as “a twisted, surreal Disney-style anthem by way of ternary techno.” We couldn’t have described it more accurately. Combine that with the brilliant video directed by Malvalien and you have a playful and poignant look in societies proverbial mirror as President Trunk, vows to “Make elephants great again.”

Also just shared is, “I’m Alive”, which was used in the soundtrack for FIFA 20 even before it was released and is propelling the band to newfound success. The track shifts a bit from the psychedelic world and into an uplifting, Beck inspired summer jaunt. Another amazingly animated video by Malvalien adds a new chapter to the strikingly visual world that TTRRUUCES have created in such a short time.

We await the release of their album on June 26th. More to come!

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