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Guidelines For Getting Started With Homegrown Cannabis

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Homegrown cannabis has never been more appealing as more and more U.S. states and countries like Canada are legalizing the plant for personal and commercial use. Previously, growing plants meant a huge risk for cannabis enthusiasts, but by following a few simple laws and guidelines, it can be a fun and safe hobby. So, before considering to start your own cannabis grow operation, take a look at some of these use limits to ensure that you are cultivating within the legal limits.

Country & State Laws Vary

The most important factor to remember is that each state or territory has its own grow limits and cannabis laws. Some states only allow the use of medical cannabis while others accept recreational use of the plant. This means that you would need a medical card to buy or grow cannabis.

There are also variations in state laws regarding how much cannabis by weight you can possess in public. And for any state, you must have a cannabis business license to sell cannabis legally. This means that cannabis must be either grown by yourself, according to the state law or purchased by a licensed retailer.

Internationally the list of countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use is growing. Before you even think of growing cannabis internationally you should check local laws and regulations.

Homegrown Cannabis Plant Maximums

Depending on your state, grow limits restrict the number of plants you can grow at one time. This is extremely important when you begin your homegrown cannabis operation. If it is legal, why make it illegal just by not following this simple rule. The benefit of growing your own cannabis is that you get to keep all of your harvests no matter the limit in your state. Just be sure to follow the legal possession amount limit in public.

Visibility and Discretion

Whether growing indoors, outdoors, medically, or recreationally, most states require that you keep your plants out of plain sight and in a locked, secure location. The value of your plants cannot be underestimated; therefore, it is in your best interest to limit who knows about your special garden and to keep them out of the view of the public. Cannabis aroma can also be an issue especially in rental homes, so keep this in mind when you set up your homegrown cannabis plants. These cannabis use limits will keep you and your crop safe from thieves and cannabis skeptics.

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Personal Consumption

While growing your own cannabis can be perfectly legal now, selling your harvest is most definitely not. A range of licenses need to be owned and taxes paid for cultivation of cannabis for sale to the public. However, there lies a nice loop hole in this law: you can gift your friends and family the fruits of your labor as long as you do not sell and promote cannabis. Check your state-specific laws on gifting limits and restrictions.

Do I Need a Homegrown Cannabis License?

While a license is not needed for personally growing cannabis for yourself, medical marijuana states do require a medical card to possess and grow cannabis. Check with your state laws and guidelines for obtaining a medical marijuana card to grow your own plants.

Finding the Best Seeds Legally

In states where medical and recreational dispensaries are available, quality seeds can be purchased. If you do not live near one or your state is in the process of allowing dispensaries, then you can talk to other growers to trade seeds. Ordering seeds online remains risky unless you find a reputable retailer that sells legally. Plus, your package could still be confiscated by the U.S. government since it is still federally illegal. Local cannabis events might be your best bet to purchase seeds, find reputable companies, and learn the ropes of the cannabis industry.

Getting Started With Homegrown Cannabis

When it comes to growing for the first time, setting up your operation requires initial research of proper equipment, environmental settings, and labor required for the best results. Luckily, technology has got your back with the cannabis grow app: simLeaf. This highly-advanced app, created by professional growers, helps you learn how to grow in a beautiful 3D environment that you can interact with in realtime. Getting started with homegrown cannabis just got easier. Happy Growing!

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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