Trend & Chaos Records


We are launching the Trend & Chaos Records indie label for the simple reason that we love music. While the current state of the music industry can be frustrating for many, we are not daunted. We are inspired every day by incredible artists who work tirelessly on their craft and bring joy to their friends and fans.

At Trend & Chaos, we are looking to build a thoughtful, collaborative process based on respect for our artists and the works they create. We want to build relationships that favor long term development and innovation.

While the mission concept behind Trend & Chaos is to open doors between Japan and the USA/UK/EU, we are not going to be singularly focused on Japanese music. We simply want to build a roster of artists that we can collaborate with to build something meaningful and long-lasting.

Holly Henderson


We’d like you to meet our very first artist, Holly Henderson. Holly is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Kent, England. We are thrilled to have her in the Trend & Chaos family and couldn’t be happier with her first album. It was produced by the one and only Guitar Nerd, Pete Thorn, and features a literal who’s who of musicians. More About Holly.

“Loneliness” is the first single from the premier release from Holly Henderson on Trend & Chaos. The video was shot & directed by award-winning director George Mays.

Roan Martin


Roan Martin is an extremely well-rounded musician and producer, with a hands-on approach to all aspects of his music production and visuals; a notable characteristic for a 17-year-old artist. It’s part of what’s won him his ardent following and astonished the real-life crowds seeing him play at major new york venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Abrons Arts Center, and Symphony Space. His debut single, “In Time” is out now!

More About Roan

Raised on the new york DIY scene, Roan Martin represents a new breed of artist, fluent in the media language of the digital age but equipped with a keen and passionate eye for the firepower of Bowie and Elton John’s genre-defying glam.