Kali Audio LP-UNF Review

Exploring the New Kali Audio LP-UNF: Is It Worth Your Time?

In my latest review, I’m tackling the Kali Audio LP-UNF, the brand’s second stab at ultra-nearfield monitors, but with a twist – these are more traditional, and they’re priced to appeal particularly to those of us squeezing studios into small spaces like dorm rooms or tiny apartments.

I’m not going to throw a bunch of specs at you. Instead, I’ve taken these speakers for a spin in the exact environment they’re made for. I’ll share how they actually perform where it counts: in a real, cramped, creative setup.

Curious if these could be the right speakers for your setup, or if they’re just another piece of gear that doesn’t live up to the marketing hype? I’ve laid it all out in the video below, no fluff, just my real experience, and advice.

Give it a watch and see if the Kali Audio LP-UNF stands up to the challenge. Who knows? They might just be what your setup is missing.


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Roan Zen Martin

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