No Money Kids

No Money Kids Share 2 Singles From New Album – “Factory”

The summer releases are starting to ramp up and we are getting pretty excited about what we have been hearing so far. One project that is definitely on our radar is the forthcoming album “Factory” by No Money Kids. The 2 recent singles they have released so far are a glimpse of what Félix Matschulat and JM Pelatan have been up to and this album just might be their best work to date.

“Why So Cold” and “Crossroad” are both smokey, indie-pop tracks that will pull you into what they are calling a “post-industrial, wild west”. No Money Kids have a way of layering and interweaving multiple melodic parts that turn into dense, cinematic pop-landscapes. On top of that are their bluesy vocals that range from dark and echoed to soaring falsetto. We were immediately drawn in by the dark riffs, fuzzed-out guitars, mellotron strings, moody vocal hooks, and impeccable production.

Definitely check out these singles and be on the lookout for “Factory” when it drops next month. 

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