With all that has been going on we have been a little late catching up on the ever-evolving world of the TTRRUUCES. We have been following their unique brand of storytelling and character development from the start and it appears a lot more is about to unfold. With the release of the new singles, “Evil Elephant” and “I’m Alive”, TTRRUUCES are just about ready to unveil their full-length album on June 26th. At first, there was a shroud of mystery about who was behind the curtain of this mysterious project. Now it is revealed that the Anglo-French duo of Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire. Together they have crafted an infectious style of psychedelia that is ambitious, audacious, and addictive.

When I first heard TTRRUUCES I was intrigued by the air of mystery that surrounded them. More than a band, they were a concept, with more and more details about their narrative developing over time with each song they released. Their music is character-driven, a lost art in songwriting these days and a refreshing diversion from the usual flow of break-up songs that are submitted to Trend & Chaos weekly.

How many bands do you know of that are risk-takers? Artists that swim against the trending currents and work extremely hard to differentiate themselves from the thousands of artists that are releasing music every week. TTRRUUCES, a new band out of London, falls squarely in this category with their debut release “Sad Girl”. TTRRUUCES have a sound that is a mix of early Sid Barett era Pink Floyd, The Beatles psychedelia complete with George Martin string arrangements, and the classical musicality of Queen. The ambitious arrangement of “Sad Girl” twists and turns as if you were walking through a cinematic carnival, with enough oddities and curiosities to keep you thoroughly entranced.