TTRRUUCES - "Sensations Of Cool"

TTRRUUCES Trip Out On “Sensations Of Cool”

When I first heard TTRRUUCES I was intrigued by the air of mystery that surrounded them. More than a band, they are a concept, with more and more details about their narrative developing over time with each song they released. Their music is character-driven, a lost art in songwriting these days and a refreshing diversion from the usual flow of break-up songs that are submitted to Trend & Chaos weekly.

At first wet Sadie, a 17-year-old “Sad Girl” looking for her place in the world. Then we met Syd, the “Lost Boy”, the risk-taker, searching to find himself in a hedonistic world. On their latest single, “Sensations Of Cool”, Sadie is back on an epic journey through her neighborhood in search of a like-minded soul. But there is a new mind-altering drug circulating through the neighborhood that makes you confront your fears, pulls back the veils of reality and reveals the proverbial wizard behind the curtain. 

On the video for “Sensations Of Cool”, filmmaker Sam Kinsella said: 

“This is by far the most kooky video I’ve ever directed. We went Lynch meets Dr. Seuss, and I still get genuinely scared every time I watch it back. Both the song and the video perfectly capture my feelings towards the current world, which I’ve been struggling to express for some time.”

This story-driven world that TTRRUUCES are creating, is a symphonic, psychedelic journey, unlike anything I have seen or heard in a long time. The band has no boundaries and their musicality is such that wherever they choose to go will no doubt lead to something weird and beautiful.

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Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin is a music producer, manager, composer and founder of Trend & Chaos. Follow him on Instagram & Twitter.