TTRRUUCES - "Sad Girl"

TTRRUUCES Debut With The Psychedelic Tale Of “Sad Girl”

How many bands do you know of that are risk-takers? Artists that swim against the trending currents and work extremely hard to differentiate themselves from the thousands of artists that are releasing music every week. TTRRUUCES, a new band out of London, falls squarely in this category with their debut release “Sad Girl”.

TTRRUUCES have a sound that is a mix of early Sid Barett era Pink Floyd, The Beatles psychedelia complete with George Martin string arrangements, and the classical musicality of Queen. The ambitious arrangement of “Sad Girl” twists and turns as if you were walking through a cinematic carnival, with enough oddities and curiosities to keep you thoroughly entranced.

What is immediately intriguing is that instead of a simple debut single, TTRRUUCES have embarked on a musical journey once known as the ‘concept album’. Throughout rock and pop history there has been nothing more hated or revered than the concept album. Fans either love them or hate them, while record companies usually fall into the latter category.

The song tells the tale of Sadie, the “Sad Girl” which TTRRUUCES describes as:

“17-years-old, depressed and different. As a musician who loves the icons of rock and roll history – Bowie, Queen, The Velvet Underground, Nirvana – Sadie feels out of place and out of time with her generation. She has few friends and has never had a boyfriend.

But little does she realise that she’s on the cusp of a much bigger adventure. As the song’s lyrics promise, Have a little patience, you may find just what you’re looking for.”

The animated video by Callum Scott-Dyson pays homage to a variety of legendary artists. As the narrative progresses with future releases TTRRUUCES will be adding live-action characters to their videos and experimental film techniques.

We are intrigued and are looking forward to following Sadie on her musical journey and the next chapter from TTRRUUCES.

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