Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru Shares Bealtleesque Video For “Love Doesn’t Fade”

When we find artists with the lyricism and awareness of a poet, we understand that we are dealing with work that is both born from intimacy and encouraging of intimate engagement. This is where we meet Aisha Badru. Drawn to and inspired by nature, Aisha shares its lessons with her growing fanbase. She lives in a nature-wonderland in Orlando, Florida, and is grateful for opportunities to explore different cultures and parts of the world. “People are water, they need to be free,” she sings in her song “Water,” giving her unique texture and imagery to a philosophy of acceptance. 

Aisha Badru gives her perspective on how to live a happy, healthy, and connected life, a perspective especially welcoming considering her past of being in a toxic relationship. When asked by onestowatch of her debut LP, Pendulum, Aisha explains that “a pendulum is a swing between light and dark . . . I think a lot of my music urges people to not condemn the dark side but look at how it gives way to the light.” Seeing how imbued her work is with meaning, and considering her words to Metiza that she feels like “a writer masquerading as a musician,” it is no wonder that she is praised for her insight and ability to speak, in more ways than one, to her audience.

Her newest EP, Transcendence, is out now. The music video for the track “Love Doesn’t Fade” is worth checking out for its animation alone, which is reminiscent of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. The soft, spacious song has depth with few words. The song’s simplicity is a wonder. Distant acoustic guitars float through space as Aisha’s vocal is so alive and real that it feels that she is standing next to you. “When you first looked in my eyes, I was mesmerized. It’s like I met you in another life You have a different face, but you are still the same. Love doesn’t fade.”

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