[ALEXANDROS] “Tsukiiro Horizon (chill out ver.)”

[ALEXANDROS] Chill Out For The Summer On “Tsukiiro Horizon”

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Japanese rock icons [ALEXANDROS] are having their biggest year yet. Following the release of their hit album “Sleepless In Brooklyn”, they have been on a tear, with sold-out mega tours in Japan and throughout Asia. Add to that, their single “Mosquito Bite” was used as the theme song for the live-action film “BLEACH”, and “ARPEGGIO” which is the theme song for the hit Playstation video game, “Project Judge. The music video for “ARPEGGIO” which included an appearance by superstar Takuya Kimura went viral becoming the #1 trending video on YouTube. 

So it was no surprise that on July 5th, their most recent single “Tsukiiro Horizon” debuted at #1 on iTunes Japan. The song has a soaring chorus melody and infectious groove and it was an instant hit throughout Japan. “Tsukiiro Horizon” translates to – color of the moon horizon.

Today [ALEXANDROS] have released a new version of “Tsukiiro Horizon” that they are calling the Chill Out Version. In this new version, the groove is distinctly lighter, with a more tropical feel perfect for the hot summer festival season. The melody is instantly catchy and highlights the incredible range of lead singer Yoohei Kawakami. 

“Tsukiiro Horizon (chill out ver.)” is featured in an AQUARIUS sports drink television commercial with Los Angles Angels baseball player Shohei Ohtani. A special collaborate event “AQUARIUS × [ALEXANDROS] “ will be held on August 20th that will include a mini-concert by the band.

This has been an amazing year for [ALEXANDROS] and we are really looking forward to whatever is next for this dynamic band.

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[ALEXANDROS] Summer Festivals


8/16     SUMMER SONIC 2019 (Tokyo) 

8/18     SUMMER SONIC 2019 (Osaka)↣ 

8/24    MONSTER baSH 2019 

8/25    WILD BUNCH FEST.2019

8/31     SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2019

9/1       RUSH BALL 2019

9/7      TREASURE05X 2019

9/8      BERRY TEN LIVE 2019 Special

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

Sean Mosher-Smith - Indie Design Deal
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