Borg - "Mission Impossible"

Swedish Artist Borg Is On A “Mission Impossible”

We admit that saying the Borg has released Mission Impossible sounds a bit like an 80s sci-fi mashup. But after listening to this new single, Borg just may assimilate you into her fandom. Borg is the solo project of Swedish artist, Amanda Ingeborg Runesta. After releasing her “Honest and Cool” EP back in December, Borg is back with “Mission Impossible”, and it’s an amazing follow-up. This is a pure form of pop music – calculated, precise, and heartfelt. The production and mix are extremely well done on this and worth a second listen just to hear the clarity and balance of the instrumentation.

About “Mission Impossible”, Borg said:

“It’s a song about dreadful indecisiveness. About a spring of going back and forth, only to realize that as autumn comes you’re still in the same place. I find my stories to find energy in that clash of sweet and dreadful, and I think it reflects on the sound.”

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