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Chloe Lilac Unveils New Single, “Here’s Your Song”

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As bedroom and indie-pop become the genre flavor of the day, you undoubtedly will have many artists trying to apply a certain formula to their music in hopes of catching the wave. In a sea of wannabes and sound-a-likes, Chloe Lilac is an indie-pop rebel. She is making music on her own terms, speaking directly to her generation and has a fiery Brooklyn, ‘punk rock’ spirit.

Coming off of a stellar 2019, with over 16 million Spotify streams, tours with mxmtoon and Tessa Violet, and the release of her debut EP, “Manic Pixie Dream”, Chloe Lilac is hitting the ground running with the release of “Here’s Your Song”, the first track from her forthcoming EP. The track is incredibly melodic and Chloe’s vocal performance is impassioned, sultry and emotionally raw.

“Here’s Your Song” is very personal for Chloe Lilac which she describes:

“This song is one of the most important songs I’ve put out. It’s about feeling used by a friend I used to have and how painful that was for me. 

This video was a passion project for everyone on my team and was the most I’ve been involved in writing the treatment and creating the video. We used a sex doll to symbolize only being viewed for my sexuality rather than my character as a woman. In the beginning of the video it’s just me, symbolizing how alone and uncomfortable I felt, and by the end, I’m with all my friends who supported and uplifted me.”

We don’t have a “2020 Artists To Watch” list, but after hearing the new single, “Here’s Your Song” by Chloe Lilac, we decided to start one!

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*Photo by Savanna Ruedy

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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