Dope Lemon - Give Me Honey

Dope Lemon Gets Sticky On “Give Me Honey”

We have nothing against a good, clean pop song but there is something about a recording that has a bit of dust on it that makes it visceral and real. Dope Lemon is definitely dusty and he is back with his unique blend of psychedelic folk meets desert rock on his new album “Smooth Big Cat”. The lead single “Give Me Honey” has a deep rootsy swing that is dripping with sexy swagger that will instantly pull you into the Dope Lemon universe.

Dope Lemon is Angus Stone, who produced and mixed the album as well as played every instrument. We have great respect for artists that have the skills to be able to do it all themselves and Dope Lemon does it at an extremely high level. One of the first things that drew us into “Give Me Honey” was that dusty mix. As soon as the piano motif came in on the second half of the intro – we were in.

“Smooth Big Cat” hooked us in so deep that we had to go back and check out the Dope Lemon discography. “Honey Bones”, which was released about 3 years ago is equally captivating and has over 100 million streams to date. Highly recommended.

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