Japanese post-rock band, downy

Japanese Band Downy Share “Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision”

There has been a lot of pain in the music community of late. Artists that we love stolen from us, leaving us with more questions than answers. For bands, losing a bandmember is horrific and most bands do not recover from such tragedy. Those that can endure, have our profound respect. Japanese post-rock band, downy, lost their guitarist in 2018. They have not forgotten their dear friend and their latest single, “Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision”, is the last song they recorded before Yukata Aoki passed away.

Well known as one of the founders of Japanese post-rock, downy’s music is definitely worth diving in to. Their sound is built on a foundation of complex rhythmic structure. Grinding metallic distortions that are turned into extravagant melodic landscapes that are dark and beautiful.

On the track downy said:

“Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision” is a very important song to us, downy. It’s the last one we made before the loss of Yukata Aoki, our guitarist, who passed away. His sound will continue to live on forever in this music.

The song represents the joy and sorrow of life and death. With crossing rhythms, noise on the verge of collapse, and a melody that falls and blooms again, we’re trying to convey the message that life is not only breathing, it’s also leaving a permanent rut through creation.”

“Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision” is a beautiful memorial for their friend. We look forward to hearing more from downy as they move on.

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