Freedom Fry - Photo by Michelle Shiers

Freedom Fry Take A Psychedelic Stroll In “Me And Bonnie”

To say that the star is rising for the duo Freedom Fry is an understatement. This French & American duo (Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll) have become indie darlings to industry gatekeepers and fans alike with over 50 million Spotify streams, consistent celestial radio play, and over 40 placements in shows like “Love” on Netflix, Showtime’s “Shameless,” and Grey’s Anatomy.

Listen to their single “Me and Bonnie” at your own risk. Because it will be lingering in your ears all day and you will be walking in tempo with the song for the rest of the week. Bruce Driscoll’s vocals bounce through the song as if he were on a psychedelic stroll with his dog through a field of multi-colored poppies. If we had to categorize this track it would be indie-psych-rock-acoustic-folk-pop but that would still not really do it justice.

The song is in fact about a dog named Bonnie and while it may seem trivial – there should be more songs written about dogs because – well – dogs are awesome!

About “Me and Bonnie”, Freedom Fry said:

“We wrote this song about our dog, Bonnie. She goes on all our tours with us and it was time she had a song about her. We animated her walking for the lyric video.”

“Me and Bonnie” is a light, fun and trippy slice of happiness. We are fans and already looking forward to whatever is next for Freedom Fry.

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*Photo by Michelle Shiers

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