Galapaghost - “Cheeto Jesusland”

Galapaghost Sounds The Alarm On “Cheeto Jesusland”

DIY independent musicians who are thriving and able to reach an audience of dedicated fans are incredibly inspiring. These artists are building something that is real and genuine. So when we received a submission from Galapaghost, we were immediately drawn to the honesty and authenticity of how he described his project.

“Hello there, I am Casey Chandler and Galapaghost is my solo project. I have no label, manager or band, so I produce all of my music myself. When I can afford it, I fly to Italy to record with my Italian brother from another mother, Federico. I hail from the small hippie town of Woodstock, NY …..”

After reading the first couple of sentences you might think that Galapaghost is just getting started. But that is not the case. He has released 6 albums that received millions of Spotify streams, press coverage from major outlets like Huffington Post, Alternative Nation, Paste Magazine, AXS and many more. All of the albums are self-produced and mixed.

The new single from Galapaghost, “Cheeto Jesusland”, aside from the awesome title, is a beautiful indie-electro track that blends melodic acoustic guitar, analog synths, and upfront vocals. As the title suggests, Galapaghost has some strong opinions on the current state of affairs.

About “Cheeto Jesusland”, Galapaghost said:

“Narcissism has really permeated our society with Trump being the king of narcissism. With so many people being so obsessed with themselves, there’s an alarming amount of political apathy in our society and apathy in general, which allows people like Trump to get away with terrible ideas and policies.”

Galapaghost’s new album, ‘Siralia’, will be out in March 2020. 

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