h2the – “An Album of Lo-Fi Songs That Will Never Trend”

LA-based producer and visual artist, h2the, has released a new album, interestingly titled; “An Album of Lo-Fi Songs That Will Never Trend”. Conceptually the album was inspired by the idea of an acrostic (a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or message). In this case, the song titles form this structure:

you deserve poetry written for .you of you. spilled on a page by the one that sees all your magic

An intentionally anti-pop production, h2the said that the album was composed to listen to as a whole. Listening to an album from start to finish seems to be a rare occurrence these days, but can give great insight into the thought process and the true intent the artist had for a discerning listener.

h2the’s music is built on a foundation of 80s style hip-hop beat production, layered with echoing melodies from saturated and edgy synthesizers. There is no set formula or pattern to the construction of the tracks, as each 2 to 3 minute song is liquid in form but still seems to resonate with impact.

Theses songs from h2the may never trend, but you are reading this on Trend & Chaos so you never know! 

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