Isaac Dunbar - Woman On The Hills

16 Year Old Isaac Dunbar Croons Like An Old Soul in “Woman On The Hills”

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About 1 year ago at the age of 15, Isaac Dunbar released a demo of “Woman On The Hills” on Soundcloud receiving instant industry recognition. The demo showed an unbelievable sense of melody and vocal dexterity for someone so young.

Well, 1 year and over a million streams later, 16-year-old Isaac Dunbar has released the official version of “Woman On The Hills”. This new version pairs Isaac’s silky pop-style vocals with a clean R&B production and retro-style groove. Isaac definitely has a deep understanding of the Pop & R&B genres and appears to have grown up listening to the classics which you can hear incorporated in his vocal stylings and production choices.

On “Woman On The Hills”, Isaac said:

“Woman On The Hill” is about changing yourself for someone else’s benefit. You can no longer dress how you wanna dress, talk the way you wanna talk, etc… all so someone else can get what they want.” 

There is something about the original demo that is endearing and honest that we feel may have been lost in this polished version but “Woman On The Hills” will surely launch Isaac Dunbar into a bright future in the pop world.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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