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Podcast Interview: Jake Allen Unveils New Album – “Affirmation Day”

The past 6 months have no doubt been difficult for many in the music industry, but indie artists have never had it easy and are about as resilient as they come. It has been encouraging to see artists that have used this time to create some amazing work, learn new skill sets, and have been able to thrive during these uncertain times. I got to sit down with singer-songwriter Jake Allen for an interview, and what I came away with was an inspiring story of a musician that truly understands what it means to be an independent artist and has turned that into an art form unto itself.

Jake Allen has released his new album “Affirmation Day”, a 12 song prog-pop gem, that lures you in with its deep musicality and enchants you with its lush sonic palette. From the opening title track, the album sets you on a dynamic journey of album craft that twists and turns as its themes are constructed and performed by Jake and some very special guests. This type of album structure is a bit of a lost art form, but as you will hear in the interview, Jake goes to great lengths to develop albums that thread together a story from track to track, not unlike some of the more progressive bands that he grew up listening to.

Our conversation works its way through Jakes’s time spent in an art incubator in Lithuania where he wrote the entire album and goes back in time a bit to find out where he developed his unique style of guitar playing. We also talk about Jake’s hands-on approach to recording, producing, and marketing his music which should be inspirational to any artist that wants to understand what it takes to have a sustainable indie career. 

This is the first audio podcast-style interview for Trend & Chaos. Once we got past some phone notifications that were ringing throughout the first few minutes of the interview, it was smooth sailing and a very enjoyable hour spent. We hope to do more of these with various artists, musicians, and producers over the coming months. We hope you dig it!
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Dennis Martin

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