James Bay - "Bad"

James Bay Strips Away The Production for A Live Version of “Bad”

Following the 2016 Grammy Award nominations for his debut album “Chaos And The Calm”, James Bay has been on a tear. The video for “Let It Go” from that album has over 298 million views and in 2018 he released “Electric Light” to critical acclaim. His latest EP, “Oh My Messy Mind” featuring the single “Bad” has already received over 30 million Spotify plays and he is currently on a summer European tour opening for Ed Sheeran – need we say more?

The single “Bad”, which was produced by Dan Wilson (Adele “Someone Like You”), has resonated with fans online due to the songs honest and simple message. Although his music is intensely personal, the themes and stories in James Bay’s music cut to the core of everyday life and that is probably why his fan base is so drawn in.

“I’m trying to keep things human and emotional. It’s hard to know what the balance is, but you know it when you hear it. It’s such a personal process that it’s hard to share stuff sometimes.” – James Bay

Vevo has released a live, in-studio, version of “Bad” that strips away the production and gets to the core of what James Bay does best. A simple recording with a Fender Telecaster and microphone presents the song in its most pure and honest form. “Break My Heart Right’, another track off of “Oh My Messy Mind”, is another stripped-down track with only piano and vocal. It is in these intimate, vulnerable moments that James Bay really shines.

There is a lot on the horizon from this dynamic artist including an upcoming collaboration with The Killers, Brandon Flowers, according to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column. We’ll definitely have our radar set on that.

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