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Juletta + Ishan Share Beautiful New Single “But Judi, Everything Changes”

Songs that focus on a specific moment in time, an observation, or a feeling that briefly passed through you are always the most personal. Alt R&B artists Juletta + Ishan have released the single, “But Judi, Everything Changes”, a beautiful, delicate arrangement with electronically manipulated vocals that wraps around you like a summer breeze and lingers long after it has ended.

As Juletta explains it, the song was inspired by a trip she took with her family, during which she watched her grandmother get knocked over by waves.

“To me, the song is about processing and understanding age,” she says. “I examined the lives of my lineage: my grandmother, and her mother and her mother for guidance and wisdom.”

Regarding the production, Ishan explained:

“Working with Juletta was like letting me loose on a playground. The beauty of her voice and her openness to my experimentation allowed me to grapple with ideas that had possessed my mind as a producer, but that I’d never had the chance to fully explore: blending folk and house music, bringing something new to what the great musicians of the past have achieved, and manipulating voice to create a hybrid between human and machine.”

Juletta + Ishan are working on a larger project inspired by stories that Juletta collected from interviewing 30 women over the past years. We are looking forward to it!

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*Photo by Alison Dias.

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