Kenny Sharp - "Renege"

Kenny Sharp Shares Rhythm & Blues Masterpiece, “Renege”

If you have read my articles for Trend & Chaos you will know that I am a fan of masterful production, rich sonic layers, and extraordinary rhythmic groove. But even more than that, what I look for the most is songcraft and performance. Strip away the production techniques and if what you hear is still powerful and moving, then you know you are listening to something special. The single, “Renege”, by Kenny Sharp is something special. A simple, classic style Rhythm & Blues with acoustic guitar and vocal that is pure soul. Kenny Sharp is the real deal and describes his sound as “Brown Liquor Music”. So pour yourself a glass of some brown liquor and listen to this. Then listen to it again.

On “Renege”, Kenny Sharp said:

“I remember my Uncle John abruptly asking me one day, if I’d had my heart broken yet. I’ll never forget when I said yes he just looked at me very sternly and said, “Good”. I wrote this song to try and capture all the emotions of that first heartbreak and used Spades as a metaphor because I’d just learned to play around the time. One of the first things you learn in Spades is to never Renege. 

It fascinated me how emotional ppl would get that when it would happen. When I looked up the definition, one of the ones I found seemed perfect for a song. Renege: To go back on one’s word.”

We are looking forward to hearing what Kenny Sharp has in store for 2021!

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Dennis Martin

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