Lisa Heller - "Figure It Out"

Lisa Heller Unveils New Project With Single “Figure It Out”

When Lisa Heller arrived in Los Angeles in 2018 and signed with an LA manager, she saw it as her big chance to break into the industry. This is a story we have all heard before. A singer with big dreams leaves their small town and heads to Hollywood to become a star. More often than not, those dreams are gobbled up by a self-absorbed industry that is not that interested in helping young talent develop and grow.

Lisa Heller soon realized that there was a disconnect between the way her manager saw her and her own artistic vision. Lisa needed some time to find her voice and develop her sound so she made the decision to break with her manager and start over on her own terms as The Lisa Heller Project.

The Lisa Heller Project is being launched with 4 singles released once per month. The first single, “Figure It Out”, is a beautiful, melodic piano and vocal track that explores her journey as an artist that is overcoming fear and finally learning to believe in herself.

About The Lisa Heller Project, Lisa said: 

“The first song off of the EP, “Figure It Out” is about my figuring out who I am as an artist and person. It is about self-identity and trying to understand who I am supposed to be. It is really, really scary to write from a vulnerable place and know that it is about to be released into the world. Each word and melody have weight and value. Writing these songs on piano have been better than any therapy because I have to think deeply about what I’m going through and make something of it that others can understand.

But the writing process is just half of it because I decided to keep the production minimal, with almost nothing to hide behind- just vocals and piano. With catchy pop songs, people can focus on the production but in this case, you can hear every single lyric and word and nuance of my voice and emotion when I sing. I knew that recording the vocals would be extra important with these songs because they would be what makes or breaks the songs. I had to get into the emotional headspace I was in when writing in order to get the right takes. I never thought I’d have the guts or opportunity to create such vulnerable and unique songs. To see this EP come together has been so freeing, and I’m slightly terrified but I also just can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”

“Figure It Out” is out now! Be on the lookout next month for the second single, “Pulling Away”.

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