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Miynt Unveils Melodic Indie Pop Gem: “Peaches”

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Stockholm based artist Miynt has released “Peaches”, the first single off her upcoming sophomore EP on B3SCI Records. “Peaches” is a melody-driven, introspective indie-pop masterpiece that balances Miynt’s breathy vocals with modulating electric guitars and shimmering synths. While these sonic elements are prevalent in many indie-pop songs, what makes “Peaches” standout is the song’s structure and adept use of countermelody as each section builds and transitions. From the immediately enticing intro guitar theme to the reverb-drenched harmonies in the chorus, “Peaches” never has a down moment and has already been played 6 times in our office today. 

“The initial idea was to make a song that basically was just drum-fills throughout the whole song but then the guitar sneaked itself into the song. It went really fast, we probably made it in half a day and then put some synth-stuff on it a couple of days later. I was in kind of a confused state of mind when I wrote the lyrics, I wanted an answer from someone and the lyrics describe that, but in a more spaced out way.” – Miynt

“Peaches” is written and co-produced by Miynt, the majority of which was mixed by Jake Aaron (Snail Mail, A$AP Rocky, Grizzly Bear, Solange). 

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*Photo By: Linn Koch-Emmery

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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