Nicolas Godin - "The Border"

Nicolas Godin (AIR Co-Founder) Takes Us To “The Border”

For many electronic music artists, the French group “Air” has been an endless source of inspiration. From the moment “Moon Safari” was released in 1998, “Air” has been at the forefront of modern electronic music, pushing the genre forward into the mainstream. “Air” co-founder, Nicolas Godin, has released the solo track, “The Border” that plays upon the “Air” legacy yet creates a new sound unto itself. Godin’s use of echo and space is unparalleled as he sculpts with ambient pulses, vocoders, and analog synths.

About the track, Godin states: 

“I wrote this song thinking of the great architect Mies van der Rohe. He built the Barcelona pavilion in 1929 on the hill of Montjuic in Barcelona and this building swept away all the past of the history of architecture to open a new page of human history, making the world enter into modern architecture. In short, it’s the story of someone who asks some others to follow him to the Spanish border by the sea to show them a new path towards freedom and peace…leaving everything behind.” 

“The Border” is out on Because Music and the beautiful video was directed by Alden Volney.

About the video, Volney states: 

“I wanted to explore the idea of freeing yourself from all the clutter and the noise, both physical and emotional. It’s about travel. Being hundreds of kilometers away from home and the identity crisis inducing realization that you’re letting the stuff you hoard define you. It’s about strange, exciting new frontiers.”

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*Photo by Camille Vivier

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