No Money Kids - "Wake Me Up"

NO MONEY KIDS Share Macabre Video For “WAKE ME UP”

A Trend & Chaos indie fav, NO MONEY KIDS, have released a video for their single, “WAKE ME UP.” The video for this 4 on the floor stomper, is a macabre bloody dance that represents defiance in the face of death and tragedy. While we can all relate at this period in time, this is very personal for singer Felix Matshulat as he explains:

“Very soon after we made the decision to form No Money Kids, I had a severe epilepsy attack during the first studio sessions. The result was 6 months in the hospital and a broken shoulder that seriously endangered being able to continue playing the guitar. Having been stuck in a hospital room for so long has taught me patience, the strength to regain control, and a special empathy for people forced to live in a hospital world. This title is both a cry of revenge with a reference to my now metallic shoulder (‘I’m made from Iron, you can’t break me’), but also a scream for hope that defies death.”

“WAKE ME UP” is from the bands stellar 2018 album “Trouble” and we definitely recommend you checking it out!

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