Philippe Bronchtein - Oregon Air

Philippe Bronchtein Brings It Down Home On “Oregon Air”

All hail the road warriors. Those artists that have relentlessly logged hundreds of thousands of miles crisscrossing countless American highways, driven by passion, hope, and grit. Philippe Bronchtein is one such warrior. A well-known Portland singer-songwriter, Philippe has been a prolific storyteller on his many LPs and 7” EPs as well as multi-instrumentalist sideman for Esme Patterson, The War & Treaty, Quiet Life, and others.

On his latest EP, “Oregon Air,” Philippe Bronchtein touches on simple themes that immediately resonate as he writes the kind of songs that you feel you’ve known your whole life, even though you’ve just heard them for the first time. The lead single from the EP is “Oregon Air” which Philippe describes as a “nostalgic reflection of what home means, the lyrics wind along with old street names, familiar landmarks, and sepia memories”. He goes on to say:

“Oregon Air is one of those songs that wrote itself. I got lost in the daydream of what home means to me and this is what came out.”

Philippe Bronchtein is currently living in Nashville where is plays pedal steel and organ for the band The War & Treaty.

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