Roan Martin - "Prime"

Roan Martin Drops Alt-Pop Gem, “PRIME”

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If you have been following Roan Martin over the past year, you would see the incredibly fast-paced development of an extraordinary young talent. As a college student that has navigated a music industry in a state of disarray, Roan has worked tirelessly to connect with fans, sometimes one at a time. Through his unique and musically adventurous cover songs on TikTok and Instagram, to his energetic and entertaining live streams, Roan has opened up his creative process for his fans to participate in and form a dedicated community around. His Patreon, YouTube, and TikTok audiences have flourished, with some of his videos amassing over 2 million views.

“PRIME”, is out now on Trend & Chaos and we feel that Roan has produced some of his best work to date. Completely self-produced, mixed, and mastered, the track shows a maturity of songcraft and production technique well beyond his years. While complex in harmonic and melodic structure the song’s message is universal and already resonating with his many fans who are also trying to find their way as they navigate through a society in transition.

On “PRIME”, Roan Martin said:

“Prime” is a coming of age story with a dark twist — a declaration of disappointment with the newfound complexities of an “adult world”.

When a kid tells us they want to be an astronaut when they grow up, we may applaud their ambition, but we understand that the odds of this child going to space are very, very low. Of course, we would never tell them, and doing so would likely earn some funny looks from displeased parents. Inexperienced at life and drunk off the apparent optimism of the grown-ups, children are trustingly, inconsiderately, adorably happy. Don’t burst their bubble.”

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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