The Bergamot - "Mayflies"

The Bergamot Release “Mayflies” And Take Us On The Road

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The Bergamot have released their much-anticipated album, “Mayflies” and it was well worth the wait. Nathaniel and Jillian, the husband and wife duo, continue to craft uplifting indie-pop that is melodic, thoughtful, globally conscious and show a deep dedication to their art form. “Mayflies” tackles themes that are close and personal, topics of pain and promise that speak to their generation.

We recently interviewed Nathaniel to talk about “Mayflies”. Definitely check out that interview as we also discuss some of the challenges that indie artists face which The Bergamot handle with an expertise that should be modeled by other indie bands looking for guidance and direction.

Touring as an indie-band requires methodical attention to detail as you are usually your own tour manager, booking agent, roadie, monitor mixer, and on and on. We were curious to see what a typical day on the road is like for The Bergamot and Nathaniel and Jilian went above and beyond and made this video for us. Thanks guys!!

The Bergamot seem to never stop moving and might be the hardest working indie band out there. They are constantly working on writing, touring, crafting amazing video content and are even working on a documentary called “State of the Unity” which will be out in 2020.

State of the Unity:

On January 2nd, 2016 The Bergamot packed up their belongings in Brooklyn, NY and headed out on the open road to find themselves. 50,000 miles across 50 states as one of the most vicious elections was setting in on an unexpecting nation. What the band experienced and found along the way changed their lives forever. The record “Mayflies” was written along this epic journey reflecting the lessons learned along the way.

We can’t wait to see the documentary and what 2020 will bring for The Bergamot. Definitely try to catch a show on their current tour and tell them Trend & Chaos sent you!

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“Mayflies” is out now on all platforms.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Melrose Trading Post – Los Angeles, CA

11/6 The Crepe Place
Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Hotel Utah Saloon – San Francisco, CA

Terrapin Crossroads – San Rafael, CA

Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT

New Belgium Brewing Company – Fort Collins, CO

Revival Brews – Evergreen, CO

A South Shore Christmas Concert
New Harmony, IN, United States

Christmas Concert
The Beal Center – Hayesville, NC

Christmas Concert
Acorn Theater – Three Oaks, MI

The Bergamot Holiday Concert
City Opera House
Traverse City, MI, United States

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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