Tomggg - "Misunderstood"

Japanese Trackmaker Tomggg Drops Single, “Misunderstood”

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Japanese trackmaker Tomggg has released his new EP, “Unbalance”. The overall theme of the EP is described as the balance and unbalance that you face as you grow up, with school, work, friends, lovers, and society.

The featured track, “Misunderstood”, is a collaboration with Taiwanese artists, rapper Lil Ice ( 六艾司 Lilice) and vocalist Ada Shih. As with many Tomggg projects, he brings together a diversity of J-Pop, K-pop, and C-Pop elements, production techniques, and personalities to create a universal Asian-Pop sound that is breaking down the usual boundaries of the genre.

Tomggg has numerous collaborations with overseas artists that include the likes of Ryan Hemsworth and Slow Magic. An in-demand producer, remixer, and commercial composer, his work boldly transcends borders of genre, field, and nation.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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