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Velvet Starlings Throwback to the 1960s on “Kids In Droves”

There are certain sounds that immediately define a new song as throwback or nostalgiac. The organ hook in “Kids In Droves” by Velvet Starlings is definitely one of those sounds. If you were in your car and “Kids In Droves” came on the radio, you would most likely think you were listening to an obscure 60s pop hit that you somehow missed hearing before. Think – Eric Burdon and The Animals, The Doors, The Zombies, Vanilla Fudge, and The Spencer Davis Group. Velvet Starlings have managed to produce a track that is indistinguishable from hits of that generation. Christian Gisborne, the band’s frontman, producer and songwriter clearly grew up on this music and has embodied the sound, energy, and vocal stylings of that bygone era.

While the sound of “Kids In Droves” is rooted in the past, its’ theme takes on a much more modern-day issue; our endless need for validation via social media.

On “Kids In Droves”, Velvet Starlings said:

“It’s about escaping the social media life every once in a while and self-awareness of where and how we are spending our time as it falls to through to the bottom of the hourglass.”

You may think that a band whose DNA is clearly rooted in the 60s might have a tough time resonating with a younger crowd. But if bands like Greta Van Fleet have shown us anything it is that people will flock to familiarity as it requires less investment from the listener. They just immediately know what they are getting and will either buy into it or not.

Velvet Starlings are still developing their sound and you can hear the transformations they have made from their first self-titled EP released last year to this latest release, “Kids In Droves”. The band is adopting a heavier sound mirroring the band’s dynamic live performances. The song is the first single off of their forthcoming mini-album, “Love Everything, Love Everyone…”. It is produced and written by Christian Gisborne and Roger Gisborne in Los Angeles with engineer/mixer Josiah Mazzaschi (Smashing Pumpkins, The Kills, Jesus & Mary Chain and Deap Valley) and mastered by Brian Lucy (Arctic Monkeys, Beck, Black Keys). 

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