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888 Drop “Pins & Needles” A Screaming Alt-Electro Anthem

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Denver, Colorado-based band 888 have released a screaming alt-electro earworm, “Pins & Needles”— a passionate, emotional anthem exploring infatuation, heartbreak and the frailty of human relationships. The song is driving and melodic with a powerful, gritty vocal hook that is a stadium chant in the making.

888 consists of frontman Danny Stillman and drummer Danny Cooper. Since the release of their “Critical Mistakes” EP in 2016 and their latest album, “Everybody Can’t Complain,” in 2018, 888 have been racking up huge streaming numbers, their song “Critical Mistakes” at over 8 million Spotify plays alone. An indie band putting up these types of numbers must be doing something right, and are sure to be noticed by a growing international fan base.

Danny Stillman gave us some insight into the inspiration process & theme for “Pins & Needles”:

“The song started with the piano just basic chords. Then I found a pretty basic snare sample and figured I would try to tune it to the key of the song to make it more of a melodic element which I’ve never done before. Those two simple things created a spark.

I was laying on my bed playing the song through laptop speakers and just sang the first melody that came to me. I recorded it on my voice memo and sent it to Cooper immediately. Cooper texted back let’s work on this like right now or something along those lines.

A lot of our songs take several months to finally come up with the final arrangement but “Pins & Needles” came together within a few days. I already had most of the lyrics for the song written before the music came.

“Pins & Needles” is about the struggle when you end a relationship. There’s a lot of moments you reflect on the good times and it’s tempting to reconcile and forget about all the reasons you can’t be together. The song isn’t based on my personal life. Sometimes I write lyrics almost like a book creating a story drawing on other people’s experiences.”

Many songs by 888 are centered around a recurring theme; “Don’t Give Up.” While there are many bands writing songs with this age-old theme, 888 are screaming it until you can’t help but pay attention.

We are anxiously awaiting whatever is next from 888 😉

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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