FEVRMOON - "Mountain Of Dreams"


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Sometimes the path we take to find our true calling in life is winding. For musicians, that path is often not only winding but also branches off to unexpected places with unforeseen outcomes. The duo unit of FEVRMOON found themselves on one of those branches.

FEVRMOON is vocalist Jon Weston and producer, arranger Anton Patzner. Weston, after a time as a poet and singer, had chosen a life of seclusion growing walnuts in Sacramento. But as most musicians who do not have a creative outlet will tell you, there was a deep void in his life. Patzner, on the other hand, was enjoying a modest career as an arranger and a chance meeting between these two old friends would set in motion a spiritual awakening in both men that would soon become FEVRMOON.

“Mountain Of Dreams” is a beautiful, cinematic indie-electronic track off of their self-titled first album, “FEVRMOON”. Built on a foundation of found sounds, 808s, sampled and live orchestral instruments, “Mountain Of Dreams” explores the paths that artists must follow in order to give inherent meaning to their lives.

About Mountain Of Dreams”, Patzner said:

“The lyrics from this song were taken directly from a shamanic journey that Jon experienced. Shortly after we started our project and made our first song, Jon got really into spiritual stuff and started exploring all kind of spiritual journeying, with and without psychedelics. It’s an inner journey, made with the eyes closed. When Jon came into my studio to write on this song he had just been on a really deep journey the day before and all of the imagery in this song (nature, spirit animals) comes directly from that. It’s a journey of rebirth. Having known Jon before our project and knowing him now, he really has opened up in an amazing way. He used to be really shy and self-conscious and now he’s very open and ready to share himself. I think the journeying and music were both a big part of his awakening.”

The FEVRMOON story is endearing and I think all of us can relate. The path to happiness is by no means direct, but more than the end goal, it is the journey that brings us the most joy.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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