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Kalon Hart Practices Emotional Judo On “I Think You Know”

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Kalon Hart, the alter ego of Los Angeles-based film composer Rob Teehan, chose his moniker carefully. Kalon, in ancient Greek, means ‘ideal, perfect beauty’. So he describes his name as “songs from the heart and for the heart, speaking to our intrinsic beauty and perfection, inspired by nature and infused with love.” Hart is in tune with his inner-spirit and took the time to carefully sculpt the kind of artist he wanted to be.

“ I Think You Know”, the first track from his debut album, “Love Is Surrender”, is a beautiful song that shimmers with a rolling acoustic guitar and piano motif that carries the song from start to finish. Hart’s vocal is melodic and compelling as he practices what he calls – “emotional judo – redirecting traumatic memories into parables of healing to shine a light for those walking a similar path.”

Kalon Hart’s video for “I Think You Know” is a concept piece that visualizes Hart’s emotional struggle and search for inner peace as he finds himself walled inside a metaphoric asylum or hospital.

Speaking about the video for “I Think You Know”, Kalon Hart said.

“This video is a representation of my personal journey from feeling imprisoned in my own emotional baggage, to setting myself free by growing into the artist I’m meant to be and singing from my heart. After a long and wide-ranging dinner conversation with director Ryan Forsythe and producer Kaitlin Huwe (also my housemate), we crafted this story together of three sensitive souls who are stuck in a prison-like lab experiment, kept alive when they perform repetitive tasks, but eventually learning to connect to their hearts and break free. It stars my girlfriend Bridie Latona, who gave me the featured tree pendant as a gift to encourage me to keep growing and singing, and my good friend Mitch Levene, who I met randomly at an airport and realized instantly that we were going to be soul brothers. I wrote this song as Bridie was going to Burning Man and I kept picturing an image of a glowing sacred tree in the desert, and as it turns out there WAS such a tree at Burning Man that year (“Tree of Tenere” installation). We searched for a “tree of life” near Los Angeles to represent that same enchanted location and found beauty in the hills above Topanga. Shooting took place over two days, first at a warehouse in downtown LA, then at the tree at dawn which required some tense driving through winding canyon roads in otherworldly fog at 3am. I am so grateful to my amazing and talented team for bringing this idea to life!”.

Kalon Hart’s album, “Love Is Surrender”, is available now and we highly recommend it. He describes his style as “gentle Indie-Americana” and that seems to fit perfectly. With hints of Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isakov, Trevor Hall, and S Carey, Kalon Hart is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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