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Lucy & La Mer Celebrates LGBT+ Identity In “Blue Dress”

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Los Angeles based folk-pop band Lucy & La Mer is here with a new song to celebrate LGBT+ identity. In 2018, their song “Rebel Babe” challenged binary thinking with its empowering lyrics like “I don’t care what the people say, I’m not thinking about them anyway” and a music video that included people moving freely around arrows labeled “gay,” “straight”, “masculine,” and “feminine,” and some people even kicking those labels down.

Lucy LaForge, the band’s dreamy-voiced singer, is now challenging the world with something a bit gentler — a personal, yet universally important song about love, drawing upon her own bisexual experience. Lucy opened up to Billboard about “Blue Dress,” an undeniably catchy song about her experience of finding herself attracted to a woman.

“A lot of straight individuals feel like it’s not OK to be a little curious. Even in the gay community, it’s like you have to choose a side, choose an identity and stick to it. The song celebrates being in the moment when that person crosses the room and right now they are everything. It’s celebrating that feeling, almost in a wholesome way. It’s not oversexualized or anything.”

“Blue Dress” is an indie-pop, Americana cross-over song that joyfully embraces the nervous excitement of falling in love and the beauty of discovering new kinds of love. To celebrate with Lucy, give the song a listen!

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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