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No Money Kids Pay Homage To The Forgotten in “The Street”

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French indie-rock band No Money Kids are back with the release of their album “Trouble”. If you think you have never heard their music before you are probably mistaken. No Money Kids’ music has been used in TV series like Banshee, Night Shift, Veep (with Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Killjoys, Goliath (with Billy Bob Thornton), Dollar and in movies such as Misconduct (with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins) and Baby, Baby (with Bradley Cooper). Their music is inherently cinematic and visual which can be seen in their beautifully produced music videos.

The single “The Street” from “Trouble”, which they describe as a “homage to the forgotten and the missing”, is by far the smokiest track from the eclectic album. The track blends shoe-gazed guitars, a head-bopping mid-tempo beat, with an electronic haze and vocals that flow with rhythmic ease. The whole album is stellar and definitely worth a listen and add to your library.

The music video for “The Street”, was shot in 16mm by Leigh Powis. It’s great to see this kind of effort and artistry being put into the visual representation of their music. Each iconic shot of this video could have been made into an album cover.

We don’t have a rating system for album reviews but if we did this one would get all the stars.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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