SHOCKEY - "High"

SHOCKEY Debuts with Stoner Anthem – “High”

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How high is too high? Well, don’t ask Los Angeles based artist, SHOCKEY for the answer. On the morning after the first time he got high, he looked at his google searches on his computer from the night before and saw; “I can’t feel my left arm” and “How to tell if I’m having a heart attack”. But that experience had propelled him into the cannabis universe and also gave birth to his debut single, appropriately titled, “High”.

The result of SHOCKEY’s deep dive is an insanely catchy track that is a mix of different styles and influences all coming together to create the perfect stoner anthem. A light melodic lo-fi pop verse gives way to a falsetto driven chorus that brings it into T. Rex/glam rock territory. The song has layers of vibe, with distorted, heavy rock beats dropping in and out and a killer guitar solo takes us out at the end. The video is a crazy trip as well, and definitely the best way to experience the full effects.

On the video for “High”, SHOCKEY said:

“…I directed, edited, produced, and put together every single shot of the HIGH video and it was one of the most exciting and time-consuming experiences of my career. Every second spent shooting and editing the HIGH video amped me full of adrenaline. I was creating so many ideas on so many levels all at once it was quite an experience. Countless nights, spliffs, and blunts were spent learning techniques in Final Cut. I meditated on it day and night for a month and a half.”

This song may seem like he is joking around, or just another stoner track, but SHOCKEY is all in on this and it’s a damn good time. When asked if people could take away one thing from his music, what would it be –  Shockey replied:

“Be Happy Relentlessly.”

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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