That One Eyed Kid - Rebandon

That One Eyed Kid Exhales Smoky Electro Soul On “Rebandon”

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That One Eyed Kid, the moniker of Boston-based songwriter and producer Josh Friedman, comes with an air of mystique. In the ‘about’ section of the bio he sent us it simply says: “Musician / Cyclops”. That, and the photo of the distinguished gentleman with a patch over his left eye, was more than enough to draw us in for a listen of his new song, “Rebandon”.

Layered in smoky electronics and Bon Iver styled vocals, “Rebandon” is an entrancing dream. The song inhales slowly with textural synth washes and electro pulses, and exhales with staggered beats that seem to stretch time. That One Eyed Kid’s vocals are immediately alluring and honest. His adept use of harmony and echoing vocoder effects are as haunting as they are beautiful, stylistically unique and always soulful.

On “Rebandon”, That One Eyed Kid said:

“I used to be very religious and I have since lost touch with that part of my identity. I started writing this song to explore how I feel about God now.”

On the recording process:

“I wrote and recorded ‘Rebandon’ in Logic X, I used to write at a piano but I am liking the work flow of writing in a DAW a lot more now. Andrew Davis (a fantastic bassist and good bud) and I overlap a lot on what we like in hip-hop and rap, he helped me a lot on the drum and bass elements in Rebandon.”

The video was animated by Ben Levin and is a beautiful accompaniment to the song. We can’t recommend “Rebandon” enough.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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