FARR - "Weightless"

FARR Drop Outstanding New Album “Weightless”

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We have covered FARR here a lot of the few months. From their alt-pop anthem, “Paranoid”, to their R&B infused ballad “Technicolour”, and their electro-soul, gospel masterpiece, “Heal Me”, FARR has consistently impressed us with their distinctive and inspired sound. 

Their album, “Weightless”, is out now and features 12 outstanding new classics that seamlessly blur the lines between soul, hip-hop, gospel, and electronic music. FARR have clearly established themselves as the kings of the electro-soul genre.

If you want to listen to the definitive summer banger of 2020 then jump to track #6 – “Wildflowers”. A Childish Gambino-esque, cosmic-soul burst of sunshine that speaks directly to the obstacles to true love but ultimately reveals its everlasting bliss.

“Weightless” is one of those albums that just work from beginning to end and that is how we suggest listening to it. There are stories here that take on deeper meaning the more you listen.

Dive in – you won’t be disappointed.

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This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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